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Systems development

Small cause, big effect – system development for mobile work machines

Systems development for mobile work machines

The time is ripe for alternative technologies and systems development. With the daily accruing projects the same questions come up again and again about improved, sustainable and energy-saving work methods. For this area there is now a Max Wild engineering-department, which takes care of the task field. Their wealth of experience and compiled, practical solutions, coupled with inventiveness and scientific knowledge. Gladly we introduce to you the know-how of our specialists, which are available for preparation of more efficient solutions for your projects.


Systems development is for Max Wild in connection with other areas an inestimable value. So that complete machines in our steel construction as prototypes can be built up and put into operation. The individual use of our gravel pits as test area enables unimagined precision and efficiency. Besides valuable resources are spared and the safety of handling between human and machine increased.

Individual solution

We develop especially to your needs tuned software-programmes and display solutions, which improves your working processes determinately. That way an easy, fast and direct control of your mobile working machines is achieved. Your vision and ideas are realized individual and professional by us and with customized solutions we get to the heart of it. Our service is rounded off through optimal introduction and training program, which guarantee you a trouble-free handling with for you invented systems.