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Transport & Logistics

Your freight from a to b – we care from a to Z

Whether bulk material or general cargo, nor extremely long or really heavy: the strong team from Berkheim is your partner for Europe-wide transports. Our specialists guarantee an on time collection and delivery. Max Wild sets standards, counsels you with all questions and helps you, saving money.

You get it all from on single, dependable source permissions, customs documents and a exact transport time plan together with handover deadline. We transport and load up to 80 tons-construction machines, turbines, prefabricated parts, roof timbers or stainless steel container. We load- and unload with our own staff and have for any task the according heavy haulage vehicle. Our reliable and modern prime mover, low-loader and special vehicles offer a flexible solution for transports of gigantic size and for a weight of up to 143 tons.