Kiesvertrieb Transport Transportdienstleistung Max Wild
Short-distance traffic

We guarantee a reliable capacity of transporting and an on time service.

Our local transport service is non-stop on the road for you.

With up to 60 lorries we transport all kinds of bulk material in South Germany, as well as liquids i.e. fresh milk. Meanwhile we are transporting approx. 5.000 t of bulk material every day. Part of our Portfolio includes services includes snow removable and street cleaning on behalf of authorities. A strong aspect of our local transport is the container service from Max Wild. We provide almost 100 tipping containers and over 40 containers for bulk tippers with a capacity of 7 to 36 cubic meters. With the collection of your recyclable rest material or contaminated waste we guarantee a correct processing or disposal. Our transport fleet is due to its modern technic very energy saving and reduces pollution of the environment.