Flächenrecycling Stoffstrom Max Wild Recycling
Site redevelopment

We protect valuable resources.

We preserve valuable resources through the revitalisation of contaminated sites, the controlled discharge of rubbish and the production of secondary raw materials.

Site redevelopment: exploring, redeveloping, transporting, processing and recycling

Site redevelopment involves for us the redeveloping of unused trade and industrial fallows as fundament for local town developments and private investors. We remove existing building complexes and areas, remove contaminated areas specifically and dispose contaminated material according to the German Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrW-AbfG). We process recycled waste to be re-used to conserve valuable resources under the most recent guidelines for quality control. The reclaimed and controlled raw materials are used as building material for road works and underground engineering. With our more responsible redevelopment of contaminated sites and the processing of waste into recycled materials Max Wild makes an important contribution to the preservation of ecological balance; resulting in these resources being protected and preserved for the following generation.

We deal as a certified specialised disposal firm in the disposal of waste. In the manufacturing of mineralised recycling material we work according to strict instructions from the quality assurance system recycling building material Baden-Württemberg e.V. (registered association) (QRB) and under the guidelines of the association of system recycling building material Bayern e.V.